Arran has soaring hills and rugged coasts, rich farmland and dense forests, all concentrated into a compact parcel floating in the Firth of Clyde between the Ayrshire coast and the Kintyre peninsula. It’s known as ‘Scotland in miniature’, as it shares some of the characteristics of the Highlands and Lowlands, the mainland and the Western Isles.

Great malt whisky is a distillation of the place it’s made. The local water, microclimate and air quality all influence the spirit as it’s distilled and matured. Isle of Arran whisky couldn’t come from anywhere else but this wee rock, of twenty miles by ten. Our whisky is the island, bottled.

The Arran Lochranza

The Arran Malt Lochranza Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky is created the same distillery of Lochranza since it was built in 1995. It is bottled at a higher ABV, with emphasis on sweet fruit notes which are the hallmark of the distillery.

Alcohol Volume